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Get more orders, higher average sales and more loyal customers using your own online marketing system - powered by EATAPP

Why EatApp?

Be careful - not all ordering systems are the same. Many make ordering online harder than it needs to be, and your customers will vote with their feet. The truth is, there's so much more to an effective online ordering platform than just receiving your orders. 

Because EatApp focuses on maximising your returns with powerful built in automated marketing tools, you can sit back and watch the order volume increase week after week. And by focusing on increasing the Average Lifetime Value of your customers your profitability increases. 

We've even tested our system against a leading competitor (we won't mention who) - the result - a staggering 40% higher order volume using EatApp with a 10% higher average dollar sale.  

Isn't it time you found out how EatApp helps you maximise your returns? Request a demo today. 

Hear What Our Clients Say


Thank you EATAPP! We are now able to grow our own database and offer our very own loyalty program. Our online orders are growing every week.

Mantra Indian Restaurant

Ryde NSW


Our Internet sales are up 30% using the EatApp system and our customers are responding positively. We've now integrated the ordering system into our Mobile App and we're using push notifications to promote all aspects of our business.

Himalaya Restaurants

Sydney NSW


From day one our online orders started increasing and we're now running 60% of our orders online. Our staff are now freer to serve our in-house customers instead of being on the phone most of the evening. And the amount money we have saved in commission payments has paid for the system 100 fold. 

Base n Burger

Forestville NSW

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