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Get more orders, higher average sales and more loyal customers using your own online marketing system - powered by EATAPP

Simple to use with powerful marketing functionality built in

Maximise your orders by using the EatApp platform for your online ordering. Works on all devices, comes with Apple and Android mobile apps branded to your business, embeds on your website and even your Facebook page. Oh, and one more thing - isn't it time you stopped paying ridiculously high commissions every time one of your customers orders online?

Web Ordering

Turn your website visitors into loyal customers. The key to successful online ordering is to make the process as simple and easy as it can be from a customers' perspective. Our system makes ordering a breeze no matter what device your customer is using.

Mobile App Ordering

Engage customers and take orders directly on their mobile devices via your stunning, custom-branded mobile app.

Use Push Notifications and loyalty to engage your customers and boost your sales.

Facebook Ordering

Use Facebook as a marketing tool. Add Facebook online ordering to your marketing mix allowing your customers and fans to order directly from your Facebook page.

Accept Credit Cards

Let customers easily pay with a card and save it securely on file to speed repeat ordering.

Using your own gateway means you get your money within 48 hours - there's no waiting around for 2 weeks or more with our system

Detailed Reporting

View in-depth reports on your ordering to ascertain what products and selling the best, and who your best customers are. Use the reports to adjust your menu items and pricing and reward your best customers.

Advance Orders

10% of your customers will want to order in advance. Our system allows people to order 24/7 for any time in the future, matching your opening times perfectly.

Powerful Marketing Modules

EatApp allows you to connect with your customers on your terms, so they keep on coming back.

Create Coupons

Entice your customers with discounts and gifts to promote special offers, reward loyal customers, or apologise for negative experiences.

Feedback Management

Feedback surveys let your customers tell you when they had a good or bad experience. Use this critical information to build loyalty. Feedback is emailed to you directly in our mobile friendly templates so you can read and respond at a moments notice.

Email Marketing

Our integrated email marketing lets you easily connect with your customer base. As customers order, they can opt-in to your database and email list. Want to use a more advanced email marketing provider? We integrate with other systems as well!

Automated Emails

Send targeted automated emails to your customers to improve retention and loyalty like:

- Customer Retention: Send an automatic email with a special offer to customers that haven't ordered for 30 days

- New Customers: customer's first order, send them a Thank You note and ask how their experience was

- Rewards: When a customer has spent over $300 with you send them a coupon for being such a great customer

Push Notifications

With your own mobile app, you can send push notifications to your mobile customers with special deals to drive even more orders. Unlike SMS marketing which can be expensive, using push notifications is free - all part of the monthly plan.

Get More and Bigger Orders

The features below help you to increase ticket size and promote repeat sales - your customers will thank you for it.

Cross Selling

Cross selling is a proven way of increasing your average ticket size. Our system has built in artificial intelligence that learns which items cross sell the best.

Easy Repeat Ordering

Remove friction from the ordering process by allowing your customers to repeat past orders with a single click.

Social/Viral Sharing

Provide incentives for viral sharing on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Flexibility Built In

Make the system work for you the way you want it to based on your current set up and needs.

Delivery Zones/Fees

Set custom delivery zones, fees, and time estimates, so you can make delivery work perfectly for your business.

Customise CSS Styling

Use custom styles to tailor the look and feel of your menu to fit your brand. This can be a little technical, but for a web developer, it provides a lot of flexibility and control.

Order Management

When an order comes in, we'll make sure you're notified. The following notification options are available, and they can be combined:

Android Tablet | Automatic Print (including to receipt printers) | POS Integration | Automated Phone Call | Email Notification

3rd Party Integrations

We provide integrations to third-party platforms so you can leverage other services, instead of being locked into our set of available services. Integrations include:

POS Systems | Email Marketing Software | Loyalty Software and more...


We take system performance and online security seriously.

Stability & High Performance

Our customers trust us to process millions of dollars in sales. We partner with Amazon and Microsoft Azure cloud platforms to provide the highest possible performance, security, and system scalability.

Secure And PCI Compliant

We place system and data security at the top of our list. Our bank-grade 256-bit SSL security protects your customers' information at checkout, and the payment system we use is Level 1 PCI compliant, which is the highest level available on the market.

Fraud Prevention

In conjunction with your credit card processor we work hard to minimize fraud and charge-backs. Our validation uses AVS and CVV to verify the cardholders' information.

What Our Clients Say

Thank you EATAPP! We are now able to grow our own database and offer our very own loyalty program. Our online orders are growing every week.

Mantra Indian Restaurant

Ryde NSW

Our Internet sales are up 30% using the EatApp system and our customers are responding positively. We've now integrated the ordering system into our Mobile App and we're using push notifications to promote all aspects of our business.

Himalaya Restaurants

Sydney NSW

From day one our online orders started increasing and we're now running 60% of our orders online. Our staff are now freer to serve our in-house customers instead of being on the phone most of the evening. And the amount money we have saved in commission payments has paid for the system 100 fold. 

Base n Burger

Forestville NSW

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