Simple to use with powerful marketing functionality built in

Easy ordering with plenty of advanced features

Simple, Straightforward Ordering

Designed to make ordering simple and easy for your customers, so you get the maximum number of orders.

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Website Ordering

Turn your website visitors into loyal customers. The key to successful online ordering is to make the process as simple and easy as it can be from a customers' perspective. Our system makes ordering a breeze no matter what device your customer is using.

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Mobile App Ordering

Engage customers and take orders directly on their mobile devices via your stunning, custom-branded mobile app.

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Facebook Ordering

Use Facebook as a marketing tool. Add Facebook online ordering to your marketing mix allowing your customers and fans to order directly from your Facebook page.

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Advanced Ordering

10% of your customers will want to order in advance. Our system allows people to order 24/7 for any time in the future, matching your opening times perfectly.

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Accept Credit Cards

Let customers easily pay with a card and save it securely on file to speed repeat ordering.

Using your own gateway means you get your money quickly - there's no waiting around for 2 weeks or more with our system

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Detailed Reporting

View in-depth reports on your ordering to ascertain what products and selling the best, and who your best customers are. Use the reports to adjust your menu items and pricing and reward your best customers.

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