Responsive Design Websites – Mobilisation And Looking Great On Every Device

Mobilisation, mobilisation, mobilisation – it seems everywhere you look, mobile phones are taking over the world! This is certainly backed up by the many statistics you can kind on the growth of the smartphone. We’ve got restaurant clients that are getting 57% of all visits from mobile devices – at the beginning of 2012 that figure for the same restaurant was 17%.

We’re busy recoding many of our clients sites to make them responsive design sites. But what is a responsive design website? Perhaps the best way to explain it is to demonstrate it on a video. On the video we showcase the Mr India website, which has been responsively designed from the start.

If you’d like to find out more about our restaurant websites and the best ways to mobilise your site, please visit our site and connect with us. Quote the code ‘FREERESTAURANTAUDIT’ in your email message and we’ll audit your existing site to determine if there are any gaping holes.

Until next time, have a great few weeks!

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